Leah Landau is a prolific, passionate painter whose vibrant works are alive with emotion and texture.

Her bold strokes marry well with her use of both muted and strong tones in watercolours, acrylics and pastels. Colour, texture, and image play harmoniously on the canvas.

Leah works on life drawings, abstracts, and impressions. She is interested in experimenting with various media and techniques on paper and canvas.

With one or two strokes of colour she skilfully creates movement and mood. Her work has been acclaimed and hangs in private collections.

Figurative WorksConundrumsAlcohol Inks
"Thick, thin, hard, soft; make your mark"
(Peter Kolisnyk 1934-2009)
This is true for Leah's philosophy regarding her art. With lines, she develops meaning, mood, and mystery. She brings the viewer deep into the heart of her work. Her sensual use of line jolts the viewer out of their comfort zone.

In figurative drawings she creates a sensuality that makes one feel as though one is touching the human form. The viewer's eye is involved in a journey into and around the body.

Art is stories told visually: her drawings invite you to enter her vision with your story, your memory.